Rumah Nurul Iman will ensure that every child under its care receives the necessary love and observation to ensure that the child always feels cared for and loved. Perak Nurul Iman Love Welfare Organization (Reg. No.3092-11-PRK) or Rumah Nurul Iman is a non -governmental organization (NGO) that operates the Nurul Iman Orphans and Poor Child Care Center (No.Pend. JKM A/P JB KK 041/2017). Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kasih Nurul Iman Negeri Perak actively carries out activities to provide protection, care and education to orphans and the poor for free. Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kasih Nurul Iman Negeri Perak is governed by a committee that has the authority to determine the running of the organization and the governance and financial affairs of the Nurul Iman Orphans and Poor Care Center. In accordance with its establishment, Rumah Nurul Iman is ready to help orphans, the poor and neglected in terms of providing protection, care and education. Rumah Nurul Iman will help all eligible orphans and poor children regardless of the child's race, education or discipline before the children are taken. Rumah Nurul Iman will only accept children under the age of 12 unless the family has a brother or sister who is over 12 years old but still under 18 years old, then all of them will be accepted. Rumah Nurul Iman forbids and does not practice any fundraising activities in the form of fundraising or the sale of goods involving children under the Care Center. Rumah Nurul Iman will provide the best academic and religious education until they get at least a diploma and will monitor these children until they are 21 years old.






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